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Includes a baked potato, dinner salad, and corn muffins with honey butter. Add delicious steak toppers of sautéed mushrooms $3.00, bell peppers $2.50, onions $2.50 or all three for $4.00. Add garlic herb compound butter for $2.00.
We do not recommend cooking steaks past Medium.

Top Sirloin - 10 oz sirloin grilled to perfection over mesquite. 

Ribeye- Our most popular steak is this 14 oz hand cut on the premises. 

T-Bone- Premium beef, hand cut, and grilled over mesquite. A full pound. 

Porterhouse - The king of all steaks! Its over a full pound. 

Filet Mignon - It doesn't get much better than this 8 oz bacon wrapped filet. 

Includes BBQ beans. coleslaw, and corn muffins with honey butter. Choice ofBBQ sauce or Tennessee Whiskey Glaze.(except house rub and triple threat ribs)

BABYBACKS - These are the ones that put us on the map. Our most popular because they just fall right off the bone. 

ST LOUIS STYLE - Juicy trimmed spare rib grilled over mesquite to perfection. 

HOUSE RUB - Our babyback ribs dry rubbed with our own blend of herb and spices grilled over mesquite.

TRIPLE THREAT - Our house rub ribs basted with both our BBQ sauce and Tennessee Whiskey Glaze. Tons of flavor.

BEEF RIBS - Tender and juicy beef ribs grilled over mesquite and basted with your choice of sauce.   full rack

RIB SAMPLER - A sampling of each one of our 5 types of ribs. Enjoy a ~ rack of each of our ribs.

Includes fresh vegetables, homemade mashed potatoes, and corn muffins with honey butter

􀂶- Choose between grilled over mesquite and basted with our homemade Tennessee Whiskey Glaze or lightly breaded and pan sautéed.

FRIED CHICKEN - A 1/2 chicken tossed in our special seasoned flour then fried to golden brown perfection.

MEATLOAF- Our family recipe handed down through the generations.

SALMON- An 8oz grilled filet with your choice of dry rub seasoning or Tennessee Whiskey Glaze.

SHRIMP - Grilled shrimp and basted in your choice of fresh lemon butter or Tennessee Whiskey Glaze.

TENNESSEE WHISKEY CHICKEN- Two Boneless, skinless chicken breasts mesquite grilled and topped with Tennessee Whiskey Glaze.

l/2 BBQ CHICKEN- Mesquite grilled with our homemade BBQ sauce.
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The Best Little Rib House In The Desert  The Best Little Rib House In The Desert